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  Sponsorship from Jewells Tavern

(General Info) 

Posted by: BFC_Coaching | Tuesday, July 22 @ 07:25:11 EDT..
Jewells Tavern has kindly offered to sponsor Belmont FC and have made a donation of $2500 to the club.

Membership cards will be available for Belmont FC players (over 18)/parents/guardians and when used will give the bearer a 10% discount on purchases within Jewells Tavern, subject to terms and conditions of Jewells Tavern. Money spent when using the member cards will contribute to the amount of sponsorship dollars Jewells Tavern will provide Belmont FC ongoing.

The sponsorship will also allow Belmont FC to utilise a function room within Jewells Tavern.

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  General Meeting


Posted by: BFC_Coaching | Tuesday, July 22 @ 07:20:20 EDT..
The next Belmont FC General Meeting will be held in the Belmont FC Clubhouse on Monday August the 4th with a start time of 6:30pm.

All are welcome to this meeting and attendance of those within the club is encouraged.

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  Gala Day at Swansea


Posted by: BFC_Coaching | Monday, July 21 @ 23:29:16 EDT..
Swansea FC will be hosting a Small Sided Games Gala Day on the 17th August 2014 for Under 6, 7, 8 & 9

If you are interested in entering your team, please email Belmont FC's Secretary at for more information.

Full information about the day can be found by downloading the flyer below:


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  Outdoor Movie Night at Belmont FC


Posted by: BFC_Coaching | Sunday, July 13 @ 01:22:39 EDT..
To celebrate our 50th anniversary, Belmont FC is organising an outdoor movie night, at Marks oval.

The event will be held on the 2nd of August 3pm-9pm

Cost is $2 coin donation per person for 2 movies. 

We would encourage families to come down with their picnic rugs and have a family picnic under the stars. 

There will be added extras such as, popcorn cart, fairy floss cart, showbags for sale and the canteen/bbq pit will be open for dinner. 

We would like anyone who can come forward and help on the night to let us know so that we can get the busy night running smoothly. 
We are also organising market stalls at $25 each for anyone interested in a stall for the night. 
To Help out or to hold a market stall, please contact Julie on 0479154452 or email 

There is information in each teams pigeon hole.

The event is open to the entire community and all surrounding primary schools. 

It is strictly no alcohol event.

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  Duty Roster Reminder


Posted by: BFC_Coaching | Sunday, July 13 @ 01:14:53 EDT..

Washed out rounds, when rescheduled, are to keep the originally rostered on teams for each role.

The duty roster for all rounds of season 2014 have been created and can be downloaded by clicking on the name of the roster you are after:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the committee.

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  2nd Skill Acquisition Program Workshop For Coaches


Posted by: BFC_Coaching | Sunday, July 13 @ 01:02:49 EDT..

with Macquarie Football Technical Director Phil Dando

On Monday July 28

Phil will be presenting the second of four coaching workshops based on the 4 Core Skills (Striking the ball; First touch; 1 v 1; Running with the ball) from the FFA’s new National Curriculum Skill Acquisition Program. 
  • The workshop is at Kahibah FC, corner James & Bula Streets, Charlestown. 
  • Starting at 6 pm this workshop will showcase a First Touch session from the Skill Training Phase of the Curriculum. I will be working with the Kahibah under 10 team. 
While the Skill Acquisition Phase is for Under 10s to Under 13s there is no reason why coaches of other age groups shouldn’t attend, as it can be applicable to all ages and skill levels and would be beneficial to any Community Coach. 

Phil will show you how to set-up your session, how to move quickly from one component to the next, how to modify the session to better suit the ability and understanding of your players and, most importantly how to get the session flowing so you don’t need to interfere or say “Listen to me!!” 

In the Skill Acquisition Phase (Under 10s to Under 13s) the Coach focuses exclusively on providing a solid foundation of technical skill
If the player doesn’t gain this skill foundation during this phase it will be very difficult to make it up later.
No amount of fitness or competitive spirit will ever compensate for deficiencies in functional game skills.

The primary role of anyone working with players in this important age bracket is that of a ‘skills teacher’ focused on individual technical development as opposed to being a ‘team coach’. 

However, you don’t need to have the skills yourself – the sessions provided in the Curriculum mean that all you have to do is set them up and then let the kids ‘find their own way’. 

Your mission is to ‘automate’ the core skills through lots of repetition, but at the same time avoid ‘drill’ practices, where there may be repetition but no decision-making. 

To register for this informative Workshop please email Phil Dando, at no later than Fiday July 25. 

Phil looks forward to seeing you there!!

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  Wash Out/Make up Games


Posted by: BFC_Coaching | Thursday, June 26 @ 13:42:37 EDT..
Games from Rounds 2,3,6 & 7 have been rescheduled for July.

Games have been changed through Sporting Pulse, so if you have wash out games you want to check on, search through the round you missed and the date will have been changed. 

Please ensure your whole team are aware of these games

A complete list of rescheduled games can be found HERE

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  Lakes United Dash For Cash


Posted by: BFC_Coaching | Thursday, June 26 @ 13:34:40 EDT..
We've been invited to participate in the Lakes United Dash for Cash with a $1000 prize for the club of the winning team. 

We need 4 runners to participate in a heat of relays in U12, U13,U14 & U15. This happens in and around Lakes v's Kurri game on Sat 9th Aug, Game @ 5pm (rest of times on application). 

If any of your kids are keen to participate please email interest to

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  Silent Saturday/Referee Appreciation Round


Posted by: BFC_Coaching | Thursday, June 26 @ 13:31:44 EDT..
This weekend brings 2 initiatives through the Football Federation: 

Silent Saturday and the Referee Appreciation Round

Silent Saturday is aimed at all MiniRoos (Small-Sided Football age groups) and its main purpose is to just let the kids play and have fun without having to worry about how their performance is affecting the adults on the sidelines.

The objectives of holding a "Silent Saturday" are:
  • To re-emphasise that the game is about letting the kids play and have fun.
  • To give the players a chance to play totally on their own.
  • To eliminate the verbal questioning of the referees' decisions.
  • To help the few parents and coaches who feel they must provide constant direction, and to understand that the kids can play very well on their own with limited instruction.
Kids have the right to play without having to hear:
  • "Wake up! Don't just stand there!”
  • "You have GOT to be kidding me!"
  • "Why do I waste my time coming?"
  • "Watch the game ref you might enjoy it.”
  • "Kick it ! Kick it !"
Referees Recognition Weekend Fri,Sat,Sun All Age Groups.
  • All matches should conclude with both teams shaking hands with all match officials appointed to their team.
  • Officiating matches at any level can be a difficult, stressful, intimidating and often thankless job.
  • Certificates will be available for captains to present to their refs. Home teams please ensure you get yours from club on game day

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  50th Anniversary Vintage Ball


Posted by: BFC_Coaching | Thursday, June 26 @ 13:19:21 EDT..
Saturday 19th JULY brings our Vintage Ball.

$100 tickets, $1000 for a table if any businesses are keen to treat their staff!!!

Tickets are still available.For those  who have said that they are attending coming but yet to pay... YOUR RUNNING OUT OF TIME! 

Its just over 3 weeks away.Id love to fill a few more seats so please get in touch if you interested... 043 711 6011,or email/Facebook..

Why not join the events' Facebook Group (LINK)

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